If becoming a "vetrepreneur" after military service sounds like a good deal to you, then you need to learn all you can about social media. Small businesses are seeing the benefits of being in the social media mix. For any businesses today, being connected to social media means you have the potential to increase your customer reach worldwide, gaining the steady flow of new ones that increases your chance of running a successful business.

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and other social media sites have seen a huge increase in recent years of businesses both big and small jumping on board.

Where to get the basics of getting your business on these critical social media platforms:

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When I'm looking for a reputable contractor, I not only search a company's website, and check other review sites, I also scan the social media sites as well. The sites listed allow for reviews and/or comments to be posted on a company's page, which for any customer should be a big deal. If I see a company with poor ratings, complaints, or not taking its presence seriously online, it tells me this company may not take its job seriously, which could mean trouble down the road for me if I hire them. Using social media can make or break whether a company gets business.

Start-up costs are not an issue. All you need at first is a basic profile, and if all goes well, then I suggest easing into considering other options that you will have to pay for, but that can really help you expand your reach throughout the media world.

So, some key points on why your business should be listed on social media:

Reach out to customers throughout the world.

Gain new customers.

Build a stronger relationship with customers

Share products, knowledge and accomplishments with clients.

Increase sales.

Keep costs low because advertising is affordable even when starting up.

The world of social media is a swirl of synergy for veterans seeking jobs, starting businesses and thinking big. Whether you're looking for employment opportunities, or looking to start or grow a business, if used correctly, social media can do small wonders.

Steven Maieli is the founder of TransitioningVeteran.com, which highlights links to federal, state, for-profit and nonprofit veterans benefits and other resources. He also writes a blog on transitioning veterans' issues at www.transitioningveteran.com/wordpress.

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