A new emphasis on career training is rolling out from the Defense Department in the coming months to help troops become more employable after their military service.

DoD's voluntary education officials will highlight the opportunity to earn academic certificates using military tuition assistance — short-term commitments that could appeal to service members getting out of the military who want to build on their skills or just don't envision themselves sticking it out in higher education to complete an entire degree.

The Servicemembers Opportunity Colleges organization is taking on the task of identifying certificate programs of value in high-growth job fields, said Kathy Snead, SOC director.

Rebootcamp Recommendations

SOC is the branch of the American Association of State Colleges and Universities that for decades has organized degree networks to facilitate military credit acceptance and transferability under a DoD contract.

News of recommended institutions and programs is expected later in the spring. Meanwhile go to the SOC website for a list of the job fields recommend certificates will be aligned to.